About Carrie Davich

Davich’s passion for mixing new furnishings with Vintage pieces began within her own Pasadena home. She long considered opening a home furnishings store, imagining it as a perfect creative outlet for her visions and inspirations around home design and collecting.

In summer 2007, Davich was in Washington State when she walked into a shop similar to what she’d imagined opening herself. The proprietor said, “If you have the eye, don’t wait. It’s so much fun.” From that moment Davich began to pursue her dream in earnest, culminating with the opening of Maude Woods: Artful Living in Pasadena, Calif., in October 2009.

A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Davich spent ten years focusing her creative energies as a clothing designer. In the 1980s, she co-owned the Los Angeles clothing company L.A. Express. The company produced hand-painted and embellished socks, leggings, and T-shirts that were sold in such retail stores as Judy’s Boutique and Nordstroms. The embellished leggings became particularly popular; knocked off by other companies they became a fashion style emblematic of the 1980s. L.A. Express also designed and produced better dresses.

When Davich’s second child was born, she decided to leave the hectic pace of the fashion industry. She now has three children. Originally from Phoenix, AZ, Carrie Davich has lived in California since she was six. She moved to Pasadena in 1988 when she married music composer Marty Davich.

About the Space

The Los Angeles interior designer Michael Berman collaborated with Davich in designing the retail space situated within the newly-built Raymond Renaissance Project. (The mixed-use building features ground level retail and upstairs condominiums.) Berman has worked on many Pasadena homes and is a past participant of several Pasadena Showcase Houses. The open light-filled space is informally divided into “rooms” that display furnishings for the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

“Carrie has an amazing sense for the original and most coveted selection of art and objects,” says Berman. “She has an eye for beauty and all things comfortable, and puts together the most gorgeous objects; creating a new style that is livable and timeless."

Maude Woods: Artful Living is named for Davich’s great-grandmother, an artist from Phoenix, AZ.