U.S. Apothecary - Orange Water Liquid Hand Soap

U.S. Apothecary - Orange Water Liquid Hand Soap

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This wonderful liquid hand soap is part of the Orange Water collection, with a soothing fragrance that balances the sweet and citrus fragrances of orange water with neroli. As with other US Apothecary products, it is intended to not only smell wonderful, but to be a therapeutic treatment drawing on centuries of wisdom regarding natural remedies. In fact, as the label states, the ingredients of orange-neroli water derived from orange blossoms and calendula consire to invoke feelings of joy and happiness, as well as soothing skin irritations and promoting healing of damaged skin. Washing your hands really is more fun with wonderful soap! The base formula here is crafted with natural plant extracts and soothing botanicals. It is great in the kitchen or bathroom. This soap has pure vegetable oil, which coats your skin with a moisture protecting barrier.

It comes in simple pump bottle and includes 12 ounces (354.8 ml) of liquid soap

Made in the USA